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Researchers still aren't quite sure why, but they're hopeful new insight into planarian flatworm regeneration could one day help fight spinal cord injuries, degenerative brain diseases and heart failure. They also hope such understanding could lead to technology that automatically detects damage and fixes itself -- a huge plus when you're 140 million miles from the nearest repair shop.

Built in space

It costs about $10,000 to launch a pound of payload into orbit, according to NASA. We'll need to pack light.

Or we can just build what we need when we need it.

"Let's skip launch," says Matt Napoli, a vice president of Made In Space, whose tagline, "Dream on Earth. Build among the stars," pretty much sums up its mission.

"Let's skip that whole process and build things where they're needed, whether it's in space, on the moon or Mars."

A part that was 3D printed floats in microgravity.

Architects of the Death Star would probably agree.

For the past two years, the company's Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) has provided Leather Accent Tag svenska krlek XXI by VIDA VIDA yKIExP4
on the International Space Station. Manufacturing is controlled from the ground.

NASA and commercial customers use the AMF as a service for making parts, tools, assemblies and medical materials.

But first, the Mountain View, California, company had to get a 3D printer to work in space. Its engineers realized, for example, that the heat melting the feedstock material would gather at the extruder in microgravity instead of dissipating into the air as it does on Earth. They had to find a way to diffuse the heat. Made In Space also had to figure out if microgravity would prevent printed layers from sticking together, and whether fumes from the melted materials would be safe to breathe in the ISS's atmosphere.

So far, they've printed everything from wrenches to finger splints (in case an astronaut floats into a wall and jams a finger). They even printed a part for their first 3D printer.

Production has been on the small scale, but Made In Space sees "a future where life and work in space are commonplace." That eventually means large-scale construction projects.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also wants to move industry off Earth so we're producing stuff up there instead of down here. "We need to protect [Earth] and the only way to really protect it is to eventually ... move heavy industry off Earth," Bezos, who also founded the Blue Origin spaceflight company, told the BBC last year.

Hey, someone has to keep an eye on our big blue marble when everyone else focuses on the red planet.

Drink up

Imagine stepping off a spaceship after months in space. You'd be forgiven for wanting to crack open a cold one.

Travel is exhausting.

Budweiser is way ahead of you. Parent company Anheuser-Busch wants to corner the Mars beer market.

Most authorities regard early Christianity as a fervently apocalyptic religion , intent on the imminent “Second Coming” of Christ to preside over the Last Judgment and the end of the world. Early Christian apocalypticism is evident in the Gospels, which are permeated with language taken from Daniel. The so-called Little Apocalypse, a sermon by Jesus found in Matthew (24–25) with parallels in Mark (13) and Luke (21), foretells the imminence of Foldaway Tote Pink Hair Portrait by VIDA VIDA ukiLYvlB
tribulation and chastisement before the coming of the “Son of Man” who will “sit upon the throne of his glory” and separate “the sheep from the goats.” Some Pauline epistles also contain apocalyptic content. The last book of the New Testament, the Revelation to John , also known as the Sheer Wrap Orchid Melody 5 by VIDA VIDA Zg8iqpVXbq
of St. John (the Greek term apokalypsis literally means revelation), concludes canonical Christian scripture in a ringingly apocalyptic key. Written in Asia Minor about 95 ce by a Christian named John (the fact that the author gives his true name is the one major exception to the rule of pseudonymity), the Revelation offers a vibrant, sometimes lurid, account of imminent crisis, judgment, and salvation. Evidently obsessed by the persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire, which he refers to as “Babylon,” John recounts a series of visions that foretell a crescendo of persecutions and martyrdoms followed by universal judgment, Statement Clutch I love NY Clutch by VIDA VIDA EyVBN
for the forces of evil, and rewards for the faithful. Details are often impenetrable because of esoteric allusive language (e.g., “a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet…being with child [and] travailing in birth”). Moreover, the narrative is bewildering because it repeats itself frequently. Nevertheless, the psychedelic imagery is easily etched in the mind, and the mysteries found in the text have proved endlessly fascinating. Nor can there be any doubt of their ultimate message: the world, which is already suffering, will soon be washed in blood, but the “King of Kings” will come to “tread the winepress of the wrath of God,” and everlasting rewards will be given to those who have “washed their robes in the blood of the lamb.” (Revelation 14:19)

A number of other Christian apocalypses were written during the period between 100 ce and 400 ce , including the fringed logo scarf Pink amp; Purple Hemisphere wppfW
, the Apocalypse of Paul, the Statement Clutch Paisley Henna Moon by VIDA VIDA dWioRww
, and the Testament of Abraham. Although these works adhere to apocalyptic form in recounting supernatural visions pseudonymously in esoteric language, they refer to an individual’s salvation and lack the characteristic apocalyptic content of treating collective history and collective salvation. The trend toward concentrating on individual salvation was reinforced in the theology of the leading Oversized Merino Wool Scarf Clearwater star by VIDA VIDA kzCKMsZZw
, preeminently transparent clutch Blue Maison Martin Margiela jMD4INW6
. The Fathers were eschatological insofar as they believed in the Last Judgment but non-apocalyptic in that they insisted that the time of the last act of history was utterly uncertain. Yet beliefs inherited from Daniel and the New Testament permitted the survival of apocalyptic thinking in the Middle Ages and led to the creation of new apocalyptic works, such as the Revelations of Pseudo-Methodius (mid-7th century) and the Vision of Brother John (late 13th century). Many medieval authors also wrote pseudonymous prophecies that did not take the form of narrative visions but foresaw imminent crisis, judgment, and salvation.

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Taking on the suffering and troubles of others is tough. For a moment, imagine being an emergency room doctor, treating victims of traffic accidents, violence and other horrific injuries. You see people hurt, some even dying. You see the pain of relatives losing loved ones. Hour after hour, day after day.

A well-known reaction to this type of situation is empathetic numbness, simply shutting down our emotional reaction to others. As a result of seeing all this carnage, doctors shut down their emotional life. Too much empathy in some situations can lead to distress. A U.S. study found that 60 percent of medical professionals Cashmere Silk Scarf beautiful eyes by VIDA VIDA dEwCvUfnH0
. A third of them have been affected to the point of having to take a sabbatical from their jobs.

As leaders, there are many times when members of our team will face tough situations. They may lose a big client. They may not get the promotion they wanted. They may get into a conflict with another member of the team. If we take on the disappointment, anger, frustration or impatience of the people who report to us, we will become exhausted. Empathy in leadership can drain us.

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Empathy can make us passionate and fierce -- for a moment. Studies have found that this energy often dissipates Womens Jenna Beanie Wommelsdorff 7spmJ
. Feelings are fickle. Social media offers a great example of this phenomenon. A photo of a young refugee child washed up on a European shore inspires millions of Aamaya By Priyanka Woman Infinity Rose Goldplated Sterling Silver Crystal Ring Rose Gold Size 8 Aamaya By Priyanka 0vfVQ
users to donate millions of dollars on the day the photo appears. But, in the days that follow, something else has captivated our attention, and the refugee crisis is all but forgotten. Few took long-term action.

Empathy is good, but it must be combined with constructive action to have real impact. Empathy without the skill and discipline to stand back, judge objectively and act accordingly is worth little. Supporting an employee who has had a death in his family is important, but it's the discipline to check in, repeatedly over time, that makes the real difference. So, if empathy is not the answer to skillfully lead emotion beings, what is? The answer is MSC leadership: mindfulness (M), selflessness (S) and compassion (C).

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Emotions are just energy in motion, in our body and our mind. There is nothing inherently good or bad, positive or negative about emotions. When we're mindful, we're aware of these emotions -- this energy -- as it plays out during the day. Being aware of these emotions is the first step to managing them.

A natural human reaction to emotions is to either suppress them or act them out. Suppressing our emotions is like trying to hold down the lid on a boiling pot of water. At some point, it will boil over. And in the process, it drains our energy and narrows our perspective. Acting out our emotions, whether aggressively or passive-aggressively, might feel good in the moment, but in the long run, it usually leads to disappointment, regret or shame. Think of emotional suppression and acting out as being on opposite sides of a seesaw. Putting your weight on either end throws everything off balance.

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